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Custom liquid cold plate 

The water-cooling plate plays a role of heat dissipation by taking away a large amount of heat through the friction of the liquid flow and the internal surface of the radiator.

The surface of the plate has the same temperature value, and its power depends on the heat exchange area and friction of the liquid.

It is suitable for heat dissipation of ultra-high-power components that cannot be completed by air cooling. Thereby reducing the size of the whole machine. The internal liquid is usually customized by the customer. Our factory assists in the design. Pay attention to the quality of the liquid during use to avoid channel fouling and air entering the channel, thereby affecting the heat dissipation power and damaging the components. The liquid is reused as much as possible to reduce costs.

ADV cold plates are widely used in SVG, new energy vehicles, induction heating power supplies, electroplating power supplies, laser power supplies, etc. Over the years, they have provided many customers with water-cooling plate design optimization solutions. The process is mature and experienced, and they have won the trust and praise of customers.

Product application scope: SVG, APF, inverter, new energy (charging equipment), new energy (automobile), power supply (induction heating power supply, electroplating power supply, emergency power supply rectification, inverter power supply, switching power supply, military power supply , Laser power supply, etc.), welding equipment, broadcast communication, instrumentation, control cabinet, power regulator, soft start, LED, electronics, military, railway, aerospace and other fields.

cold plate
cold plate

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Compared with traditional air to air cooling systems, water cooling is around 40% higher performance capability, this outstanding cooling feature enables the liquid cooling systems has been used more and more widely in high performance & voltage electronic cooling situations


ADV liquid cooling plates use vacuum brazing, friction stir welding ...and various frequency welding technology to ensure every unit of our cold plate was crated with high advanced manufacturing process and fully tested before they leave “home”, we are proud to announce some of them are 20+years now , and they are still not retired.


All of our cooling solutions are customized base on virtual applications, by provide expert thermal and mechanical design, we ensure your cooling solutions is : DFM ( Design For Manufacturing). Analysis, design, modeling, simulation, prototyping, testing, batch manufacturing... our engineering and sales team give you full supporting through the projects.


Liquid cold plate

Laser Cooling Plate

Liquid cold plate

Military Inverter Cooling Plate

Liquid cold plate

Converter Cold Plate

Liquid cold plate

Laser Cooling Plate

Liquid cold plate

Communication Base Station Cold Plate

Liquid cold plate

Converter Cold Plate

liquid cold plate

Battery Cooling Plate

Liquid cold plate

Radar Cooling Heat Exchanger

Liquid cold plate

Wind Power Generation Cold Plate

Liquid cold plate

Radar Cold Plate

cold plate

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