Performance and reliability of high power devices such as IGBT modules are directly related to the thermal performance of the cooling system. 

Hey, do you want your high power IGBT modules keep the performance and reliability? Do you want to move away the heavy weight from your system and release more space? Do you want a real safe cooling system that can go with you more than 10 years without issue? Talk with us and custom your own liquid cooling solutions! 

Our special designed cold plate can be thought of as the mechanical backbone of a power electronic assembly, not only does it need to have very good thermal performance but it also has to be structurally strong, cost effective and it needs to last years in the field without issue. ADV has a wide range of brazing technologiess for manufacturing cold plate, such as Induction welding, Laser beam welding, FSW- Friction Stir Welding, Arc Welding... In addition, we cooperate with professional institutes and can provide you with a variety of tests.

Custom liquid cold plate 

High switching frequencies and voltages cause IGBT to dissipate higher power at the die level. Therefore, the goal of cooling an IGBT with a cold plate is usually to obtain the lowest possible semiconductor temperature and the smallest temperature gradient from one module to another. They can provide efficient heat transfer between the cold plate contact area and the IGBT substrate. With mature technology and rich experience, ADV can design an efficient liquid -cooling plate by special micro-channels, built-in copper tubes and combining simulation with your technical parameters. And all of these options are base on your own thermal situations and requirements.

  • 100% matching with your system and thermal requirement 

  • More than 30% improvement in thermal performance compared to standard available cold plates 

  • Compatible with industry accepted coolants 

  • Optional input and output fittings

  • Low pressure drop 

  • Lightweight  

  • Simulate uniform cold plate surface temperature when IGBTs 
    are installed 

  • Maximum pressure: 80 psi 

  • Applications: Automotive Industry, Uninterruptible Power 
    Supplies, Wind Turbines, Photovoltaic Inverters, Power 
    Electronics, Induction Heaters, Motor Devices, Utility Vehicles, Anywhere power devices are used.


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Brazed liquid cold plate for IGBT Module in wind turbines

IGBT is a solid-state switch that creates a circuit by applying a voltage to part of a semiconductor. The IGBT is unique because it suppresses the work of the thyristor, making the device more efficient. IGBT can be found in modern solar and wind turbine inverters, motor drives and power systems.

IGBT thermal management is an essential part of optimizing power electronic systems. The temperature of an IGBT module can fluctuate and generate high thermal power, depending on its usage, switching state and power input. While IGBT have helped us make progress in renewable energy, inefficiencies due to heat loss and operating temperature remain design constraints. This has prompted IGBT designers to consider innovative cooling solutions to help increase the power capacity and lifetime of their devices. ADV liquid cooling plates use vacuum brazing, friction stir welding ...and various frequency welding technology to ensure every unit of our cold plate was crated with high advanced manufacturing process and fully tested before shipped.

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  • ADV Cooling Solutions achieves 100% quality inspection before delivery, with design for application across multiple working situations with a design life of over 20 years.  


  • ADV Cooling Solutions maximizes value by enabling a wide variety of applications, allowing your system and battery life to meet market needs today and also for the future.Architecture: Decoupled cooling solutions for every unit of heat sources, providing customer the flexibility to customize thermal management to their specific needs.Optionality: ADV Cooling is offering a wide range of thermal solutions and adjust between applications over any working conditions.

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Leakage Test



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Precision Machining 


Performance Test

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Pressure Test

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Size detection

Better transfer performance, more
space freedom.