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Cooling Solutions

In the rapidly developing world of new energy, the demand for more and more efficient batteries and energy storage is growing rapidly. For high-power batteries, the most reliable way is to choose water-cooled plates. In recent years, ESS cooling has changed from traditional natural cooling methods to air conditioners, to water-cooled panels and the latest phase transition technology. ADV has optimized and designed our cooling solutions along with the technological changes of ESS. We are very happy to say that in ESS cooling we have rich design experience and technical strength.

No matter in energy storage modules, energy storage battery clusters, Container ESS, C&I ESS, Residential ESS or other energy storage systems, battery cooling is an extremely important part. When the battery temperature is connected in series, the consistency of the battery temperature will affect the battery. The service life may even affect the consistency and service life of a set of batteries.

Air conditioner

Phase transition 

Natural cooling​​

Liquid cold plate

Energy storage system cooling plates

Energy storage system (ESS) has the ability to give flexibility to the grid and provide backup power. Through the construction of new renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, and energy storage systems, it can continuously provide pollution-free energy and electricity, and reduce diesel fuel consumption. Consumption, increase economic efficiency and reduce environmental pollution.

cold plate

In energy storage systems, battery cooling must work effectively and efficiently. Compared with other cooling methods, water-cooled plates have more obvious advantages.


  • Medium,Our commonly used media are water and glycol. Water has the characteristics of large specific heat capacity, low density, and low cost. The characteristics of glycol are temperature resistance, performance temperature, anti-corrosion and anti-freezing. We currently have the latest phase change technology on the stability of the water-cooled plate, which can reduce the volume of the product and make the performance more reliable.

  • Welding,ADV conventional water-cooled plates use Vacuum brazing,Friction stir welding and Induction welding. In addition, we also have Laser Beam Welding, Arc Welding, Percussion Welding, High / Middle / Low Rotary Frequency Welding, to better adapt to your inquiry.

Average temperature performance

​The temperature difference between the highest point and the lowest point of the contact surface of the water-cooled plate and the component is within a certain range, which is the temperature uniformity of the water-cooled plate. For example, the temperature uniformity of the battery is generally less than 2.5 °C.

Maintaining the uniform temperature of the battery is a necessary condition to ensure the service life and stability of the battery. When the batteries are connected in series, the consistency of the battery temperature will affect the life of the battery, which will affect the consistency and service life of a group of batteries.

ADV has a wealth of experience in the design of internal channels and runners, through continuous simulation to achieve the best temperature uniformity.

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Leakage Test



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Precision Machining 


Performance Test

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Pressure Test

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Size detection

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