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laser machine cooling system

Performance and reliability of high power devices such as IGBT modules are directly related to the thermal performance of the cooling system. 

Hey, do you want your high power IGBT modules keep the performance and reliability? Do you want to move away the heavy weight from your system and release more space? Do you want a real safe cooling system that can go with you more than 10 years without issue? Talk with us and custom your own liquid cooling solutions! 

Our special designed cold plate can be thought of as the mechanical backbone of a power electronic assembly, not only does it need to have very good thermal performance but it also has to be structurally strong, cost effective and it needs to last years in the field without issue. ADV has a wide range of brazing technologiess for manufacturing cold plate, such as Induction welding, Laser beam welding, FSW- Friction Stir Welding, Arc Welding... In addition, we cooperate with professional institutes and can provide you with a variety of tests

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