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Future development trend of heat exchanger industry

Heat exchanger is a kind of two or more different temperature between fluid heat transfer between the material energy saving equipment, is made from high fluid heat transfer to the lower temperature of fluid, the temperature can reach the indexes of the flow rules of heat exchange equipment, also called heat exchanger, temperature meet the needs of the process conditions of material, is also one of the main equipment of energy efficiency.

Heat exchanger industry involving pressure vessel, water treatment equipment and so on in nearly 30 kinds of industries, and each other to form industry chain, with the rapid development of energy-saving technology, more and more kinds of heat exchanger, according to the principle of heat transfer, the heat exchanger can be divided into surface type, regenerative indirect, direct contact, fluid connection and complex heat exchanger: according to use purpose, heat exchanger can be divided into heater, preheater, evaporator and superheater: according to the organization classification, can be divided into the floating head heat exchanger, fixed tube plate heat exchanger, u-shaped tube plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, etc

The market size of Heat exchanger industry in China mainly concentrated in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, shipping, central heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, machinery, food, pharmaceutical and other fields.

Heat exchanger is widely used as a general equipment in many industrial sectors and occupies an important position in production. In recent years, the heat exchanger industry has demonstrated the development trend of large, efficient and energy-saving products in terms of products and technologies. Therefore, it is expected to maintain sustainable development with a good prospect.

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