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OEM Custom Teraphase – 2 phases Heat Transition Cooling Solution

The Teraphase Heat Transition System is built up by evaporation Devices, condensers, evaporating tubes Channels, condensing pipes and wind Fan composition, refrigerant medium like environmental protection R134A coolant, 2 phases Heat Exchangers are heat pipe + Plug in + liquid Cooling plates. 


  • Traction , Variable frequency drivers cold plate

  • Large industrial conventers cooling solution

  • High voltage direct current cooling

  • UPS (Uninterrupted power supplier ) cooling kit

  • Laser Machinery cold plate

  • Liquid cooling for diodes, electronic cooling

  • Wind Powder Generation Cooler

  • Power supply, IGBT cooling solutions

  • Amplifier cooling

  • Medical , Defense & Aerospace

Collant The coolant of liquid cold plate can be determined by its material. We propose the optimum combination the material of liquid cold plate and coolant according to your requests and operating environment.


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