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OEM Custom Air to liquid cooling System with cold plate – up to 120 KW

The best design drives the best cooling.

We have developed an entire heat exchanger family of products to bring the refined aesthetics and high power electronic custom cooling solutions to your equipment  - with all the measuring and testing done for you.

Complete Cooling System 

  1. Heat Sources 

  2. Air to liquid heat exchanger: Cold Plates, Aluminum Plate Fin Heat Exchangers

  3. Fans to blow air throw the heat exchangers

  4. Pumps if necessary 

  5. Inlet and outlet staniless steel tubes 

Working Principle

  • Traction , Variable frequency drivers cold plate

  • Large industrial conventers cooling solution

  • High voltage direct current cooling

  • UPS (Uninterrupted power supplier ) cooling kit

  • Laser Machinery cold plate

  • Liquid cooling for diodes, electronic cooling

  • Wind Powder Generation Cooler

  • Power supply, IGBT cooling solutions

  • Amplifier cooling

  • Medical , Defense & Aerospace

Collant Choice 

The coolant of liquid cold plate can be determined by its material.

Optional Materials

We design and manufacture the optimum liquid cold plate with material to meet your application and operating environment, copper with excellent heat dissipation, aluminum with excellent weight saving, while stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance.

propose the optimum combination the material of liquid cold plate and oolant according to your requests and operating environment


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