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OEM Custom IGBT Air to Air Cooling Systems - Up to 50 KW

Our custom High Quality Aluminum Liquid Cold Plate are cost-effective and offer good heat removal performance for medium-to-high watt densities, like water or water/glycol are the most common fluids used in liquid cooling, it can also be used in gasoline, oil, and refrigerant ... FLUENT,ICEPAK software are used in our enginer team to build the model, partition grill, set up boundary conditions and parameters, then the calculaitons can be done to get the temperature , air pressure and perfomrance data for cold plate.

Working Principle

The cold air is sucked into the frame from the ambient, and the over loaded heat form the IGBT and heat sources wil be took from the air to air heat exchangers with limted pressure drop, and blown out through the air channel.

Optional Materials for 

We design and manufacture the optimum liquid cold plate with material to meet your application and operating environment, copper with excellent heat dissipation, aluminum with excellent weight saving, while stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance.

For Aluminum cold palte, we can offer the antiseptic treatment with C5 standard, ≥1440h with corrosion.


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